Put the industry benchmark in procurement and distribution of products which have higher lead time and are required in small lots and are high value ensuring sustainable growth for our supplier/customers and creating a rewarding work environment for our employees.

Our mission is to create value for our suppliers, customers and employees with a philosophy that “ Change is only the Constitution and Every Problem has a Solution” by creating innovative benchmarks for the deliverance of the above.


DNS Group is the market leader in packaging products and is expanding to add more such products in our kitty. We are headquartered in Bengaluru and we operate across the country with 17 offices along with warehousing locations. We also have manufacturing facilities at 6 locations. We are preferred partner for our suppliers and customers because we believe in delivering sustainable value to them.


Knowledge of the domestic market combined with an understanding of customer expectation enables us to procure, source, transport, any quality of product within the specified time. Planned and strategic sourcing, creates an opportunity to provide goods at a very competitive price.

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Strength /

Every product has different density, size, shape and weight etc. based on the specification of the product

  • 2004Started activities at Delhi office under the name and style of ‘DNS Group”.
  • 2005Opened new branch at Hyderabad
  • 2006Opened new branch at Jaipur
  • 2007Started first lamination plant at Delhi
  • 2008Ordered five lamination plants together
  • 2010Started Ahmedabad branch
  • 2012Started Ludhiana branch
  • 2014Started Bhiwandi Branch
  • 2014Started Ghaziabad Branch
  • 2015Started Nagpur Branch
  • 2016Started Indore Branch
  • 2016Started Salem Branch
  • 2016Started Karur Branch
  • 2016Started Kanpur Branch
  • 2017Started Aurangabad Branch
  • 2017Started Raipur branch
  • 2017Started Kolkata Branch
  • 2017Started Rai - Haryana Branch
  • 2018Started Woven Sacks unit at Ahmedabad and Jaipur


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