Were you reluctant to buy polypropylene cattle feed bags because of their unwillingness to get printed? You would be amazed to know that polypropylene bags are now printable and can be efficiently dyed. It is printable in different colours and formats like any other bag. Contact the cattle feed bags manufacturer to know more about this new characteristic of PP woven fabric

Printable In Single And Multiple Shades - The polypropylene bags were non-printable earlier, and they were available only in the white colour. From the marketing and advertising point of view, this was not a favourable feature. A few animal feed bags manufacturers then used the customized characteristics of polypropylene fabric to make it a printable material. Now, it is not only possible to print bags in one colour but multiple colours.

Image Printing Is Possible - Photo printing or image printing was challenging on polypropylene fabric, but now it is no more problem. It is possible to print all types of images on PP bags. It is possible to print the image and logo of the brand, packaging details, taglines, etc.

Earlier it was challenging for animal feed bag suppliers to differentiate bags because of no detailings present on the bags. Now, this is not the case. The cow feed bags, pigeon feed bag, cattle feed bags all are easily distinguishable with the help of labelling and other details. It has become possible only because of image printing.

All Advanced Printing Is Possible - The bags are compatible with all types of present-day printing options, which other packaging materials are compatible with, making them versatile for printing. The printing and colouring of bags not only make them attractive but also informative. The packaging contains all types of information related to the product packed in it.

In addition to printing and dying, many more features have been added in PP fabric by manufacturers, which are not present in the basic polypropylene material. To know about all the features and characteristics of polypropylene fabric and bags made from it, get in touch with the manufacturer and supplier.

Are you like into the process of buying polypropylene bags for your business requirements? If yes, then be careful! Some woven bags manufacturer present in the market who might supply you with the under-quality product. To safeguard you from falling into wrong deal and losing money. We advise that you perform the quality check of your products on different parameters. There are multiple parameters on which you can evaluate the product quality, but a few of them are unavoidable. The list of the same is here.

Hygiene Check- Polypropylene sack/bag is a safe packaging option for food and food products, however, the bags not meeting the hygiene standard set by different regulatory authorities are not considered safe for use. It is imperative that you check the hygiene of bags for G B/T 5009.60 standard. The PP bags not meeting GB 9687 and GB 9688 standard are not safe for use. Polypropylene rice bags, wheat bags, pulses bags are the example of the same.

Strength of BagsPP bags derives their strength from the pp woven fabric taken into use for making the bags. If the fabric has any damage, the bags will not be having the needed strength. It will increase the risk of leak or tear in bags. You can check the appearance of the fabric in the open light. Any broken yarn or loose sewing will come into the light with this inspection.

Appearance Of PP Bags- The pp bags made from hundred per cent virgin polypropylene material is white possess distinct shine. The bags made from recycled material or heterogeneous material lack the same shine. However, to a new buyer, both bags might look the same. It would be difficult to differentiate.

Its Durability and Sustainability- The durability and sustainability of polypropylene material are high. The bags made from high-quality material have a longer life. Do both these qualities check on polypropylene bags using the recommended process. You can take the help of pp woven bags supplier for the same.

Food grain bags are available in different sizes, shapes and material from sturdy plastic to cardboard boxes. However, when it comes to choosing a packaging bag that provides complete safety of packed food product, then there is no better alternative to polypropylene. It has all the characteristics that will take away all packaging related worries of food processors. Here are the top characteristics of PP bags that make it a great option for making any type of flour packaging bags. DNS Group manufactures the superior quality packing bags of different sizes.

Provide Protection - The polypropylene is a fabric hard to chew by rodents, have high resistance to wear and tear, provide enough moisture resistance. When it comes to packing the flour, all these are important points to consider as it, directly and indirectly, affects the food quality. The PP grain storage bags protect the packed food from many physical and environmental hazards that packaging bags have to go through at the time of handling and transportation.

Allow Creativity - Appearance of a product plays a big role in its sales. PP grain bags let the creativity float on its surface. It is possible to dye bags in attractive colours, print images, logo and text on it. E.g. maida packaging bags can have the image of maida along with a brand logo and some text on it that will make it attractive. The same is possible to do with any flour packaging bags.

Offer Convenience - Flour is a commonly consumed foodstuff and so produced and transported from one place to another in a largely. During transportation, packaging bags like besan packaging bags, spices packaging bags have to pass through multiple handling hands. A bags that provide handling convenience works great in this situation. The pp bags are easy to handle because of high tensile strength and ability to face hard conditions to a good extent.

In addition to the following benefits, PP bags offer many other advantages in terms of cost, flexibility and usage. Therefore, manufacturers use to make rice packaging bags, cattle feed bags, dry fruit storage bags, sugar bags, cement bags, wheat packaging bags, etc.

Are you looking for animal feed bag suppliers? End your search at DNS group. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of different size and strength of animal feed bags. You can find with us bags for cow food, dog food, bird food, horse food, etc. To make our bags best fit for the purpose, we procure raw material from its finest source and follow international standards in its designing and manufacturing. Our wide range, competitive price and unsurpassed quality make us one of the top players in the market.

Features That Makes Our Cattle Feed Bag The Best

Our Bags Are Durable - We use polypropylene to manufacture our storage bags. The characteristics of polypropylene like high elasticity, toughness, fatigue and transmissivity give our bags all its properties and make it a perfect option for storing a variety of cow and buffalo feeds like khal, gram, wheat bran, binola, chana chhilka, etc.

Wide Range In Size and Shape - Cattle feeds come in different pack sizes. To cater to our client?s requirement, we manufacture bags in a wide range of sizes. We have kept the option of customization open so that you get everything you are looking for. In addition to cattle feeds bags, we are also a leading manufacturer and distributor of chicken, rabbit, bird and pigeon feeds bags. These feeds are different from cattle feeds and require different specifications. If you have any specific requirement, tell us, we will complete it.

Our Bags Are Low In Weight But High In Strength - Weight of bag matters a lot when it comes to exporting animal feeds to different places. The polypropylene fabric keeps bags low in weight but high in strength. This makes the whole packaging weight, lowest. Animal feed exporters look for these bags to save cost. Our number of clients are animal feed exporters. Additionally, we are able to manufacture bags of this category in different specifications to fulfil precise requirements as well.

Attractive Colour And Design - Colour and design makes the product presentable and help in marketing and establishing brand identity. With us, you get the option to print bags in different colour combinations. It is also possible to get glossy or mat finish on bags. If you want the image of a cow on a cow feed bag, we have similar printing options. One side and both side printing option are also available in our animal feed bags. In short, when it comes to printing, we provide a wide range to choose from making your selection process easier.

Attractive Packaging - In addition to colour, printing and design, packing also plays an important role to make any bag pull buyer?s attention. To make our feed bags stand out from the rest we leave no stone unturned. Our manufacturing and designing team focus on every detail from using the finest raw material, ensuring it tough sealing to printing it attractively to give our bags the features it poses. Our this approach toward designing and manufacturing makes us one of the best animal feed bags manufacturer and suppliers in India.

You Can Place Order For Any Number Of Cattle Feed Bags.

Our large size manufacturing unit is ready to complete any size of the order. If you are looking for a credible cattle feed bags manufacturer, you can trust DNS Group. Started in 2000, we have years of experience in the field that make us one of the experts in the industry. We meticulously monitor our client?s requirement to deliver them what they want.

As far as the product price is a concern, we have kept our prices very competitive without making any compromise with quality. To know more about our wide range of products, you can visit our website or contact our team anytime.

Packaging holds significant importance when it comes to marketing and selling of any product. Packing bags manufacturers take a lot of research and scientific considerations into account while selecting packaging for food products that keep the food fresh and safe. Dry fruits packaging bags are no different from this.

DNS group is one of the popular producers of packing bags for dry fruits. With its extensive search, it has become one of the credible manufactures of safe, strong and eco-friendly packing bags. We manufacture all sizes of bags with different specifications to meet our customer?s requirement. Our packing bags have the following qualities.

Protection Against Microorganisms Infection - Dry fruits is food product. Thus, it should be packed in an airtight and moisture resistant bags. Our polypropylene packing bags do the same. Its moderate permeability to odours and gases, higher barrier to water vapour, makes it one of the best packing material for dry fruits.

No Contamination Of Food Because Of Packaging - Many packaging materials react with food stored inside and contaminate it. It is one of the most common reasons for food contamination around the world. Our packing bags for dry fruits does not react with food, leaving the packed food as fresh and safe as it was at the time of packing.

Increased Value Of Food - Marketing experts accept that packing influence the buying tendency of consumers, and it also establishes the brand identity. Our customized packaging option gives you the freedom to choose the kind of packaging you want for your product.

Better Storage And Handling Of Products - Products packed in polypropylene bags are not only safe from inside and outside but also easy to handle and store. Dry fruits are non-perishable food items if stored with care, consumers store them at home after buying it from the store. Good packaging is important for such long storage of food product. Our modernized packing allows this.

PP woven bags are no more an unknown name in the enterprises. Its use is extensive as every industry need it to pack and transport good, worldwide. Do you know what makes PP woven bags so sought after? Its characteristics. Polypropylene is an amalgamation of almost all the features that industries have been looking for packaging since its inception. PP woven sack is made from the same material that gives it all the characteristics that it posses. DNS Group is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor pp bags for varied types of usage. We have a long history of working and have a credible name in the market.

What Is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene, in short called PP. It is a thermoplastic manufactured from propylene monomers. It is one of the largest produced plastic in the world because of its application. The increased transportation of goods from one place to another has made it so in demand.

According to reports, the annual market of polypropylene is 45 million metric tons, and its demand will increase to 62 million metric tons by the year 2020. The packaging industry is the major consumer of polypropylene that contributes 30 per cent of its consumption.

We import raw material from its best sources to make polypropylene fabric , which then woven to make pp woven bags. Different woven techniques are used to give pp bags the required strength.

Salient Features Of Our Polypropylene Woven Bags

Resistant To Fatigue - The material retains its shape even after prolonged use, tight bending, torsion, etc. therefore, even after long and multiple-use, it doesn?t lose its durability.

It Is Robust - The material our pp bags is tough. When force is applied on it, it deforms without breaking. It can be used to pack any type of material. We manufacture bags for different types of bags, such as pulses bags, cattle feed bags, nuts and fruit bags, seeds bag, spice bags, chemical/fertilizer bags, cement and wall finish bags and non woven bags. Additionally, we have a wide rage of products to choose from, however, if you have some specific requirement, we hold the potency to manufacture that as well.

Attractive Packaging - Packaging plays a big role in marketing and selling of any product. Our designing and printing team follows the latest standard to give our PP bags a beautiful final impression. We provide a wide range of colour option to choose from, and with us, you will get one or multiple shades bags, along with image printing option.

Low Weight And Density - The weight and density of our woven polypropylene sacks remain in proportion to give it enough strength while keeping its weight and density lowest possible. Nevertheless, different types of products, raw material requires different strength of packaging. We cater to every packaging requirement of our client.

These are the few distinct features of our PP bags.

Find The Best PP Woven Bags Supplier Near You

If you are a manufacturer and looking for a credible supplier of PP bags, then DNS Group is the one name you can trust. We are one of the top manufacturers of PP bags in India. We manufacture and distribute all types, size and strength of bags to cater to different requirements. Our latest manufacturing technology enables us to deliver customized products as well. Along with that, we provide storage bags at an attractive price range, making us one of the best choices in the market. So, either you are in need of simple unprinted PP bags, attractive bright colour bags, brand printed bags or pp woven fabric roll, we have everything to serve you the best. And our large team help us to deliver any size of order on time.

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