PP woven Bags

PP woven bag is not an unknown name in the packaging industry. It is widely used by every industry to pack and transport the goods. These bags are durable and high in-strength. PP bags are made from polypropylene fabric, Polypropylene has many features such like it is bacterial resistant, water resistant, Polypropylene is hydrophobic and it doesn`t observe water in the fabric.

We manufactures wide range of PP woven bags to meet the packaging requirements of our clients. These PP bags can be used to pack such materials like Pulses, Seeds, Dry fruits, Wheat, Rice, and many more.

PP woven bags


PP Woven bags are available in 5kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg, it can be plain or printed. We have all the options of PP woven bags. We are ready to serve to complete any quantity of order.

Light Weight/Low GSM

In condition to export of goods packed in PP woven, client need to maintain packing weight as low as possible to export maximum quantity of goods. In case of small packing of as like 10 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg low GSM fabric can be used, we provide good low GSM fabric to fulfill client need.


Brand printing available with the combination of high quality colors and images. It will catch attention of the consumers. We have 8 Color and 7 color ratio printing machine and 6 color flexo printing machine with drum printing upto 3 colors, printing can be glossy or in mat finish as per the customer demand.

Printing can be made at one side of bag or both side of bag as per requirement of customer.


Some buyers needs to see the packed product before buying, so we have window system in our bags that shows the product in an attractive way.


Colorful and attractive packaging influence the buying system, Printed BOPP film get laminated with metalize film, it enhance value of the product. We provide adhesion of BOPP film and metalize film with our best machines.

Center Pasting (Tubro)

We are having best high speed machine of the central pasting. It is good for attractive packing, it also increase strength in fabric. Normally client who has premium customer need center pasting.


Space has always scarcity, and especially in metro cities, at super market and warehouses, with gusseted bags it is easy to manage stacking of bags easily and effectively. As per product need it can be center gusset or it can be twisted gusset which increase more attraction in packing. Gusseted bag can stand better than normal bag.

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