PP/HDPE Woven Fabric

Woven sack is a very niche technology of tape stretching and weaving to produce the highest strength in the lowest weight of a bag at the same time. There is no other packaging solution that offers the same. It is vastly used across the globe for all kinds of packing requirements.

India is the number one exporter of top quality FIBC bags in the world. Being a rather labor oriented industry it offers a lot of employment to its people and gives the developing countries an edge over developed countries unlike other industries which are being taken over by automisation in the western world.

  • Size: We have small size of 12” of fabric and 5 kg of woven bag to 60” of fabric and 75 kg of woven bag to fulfill various need as per application.
  • We manufacture and procure the best quality of product for our client and keep ready stock to fulfill local demand.
  • Low GSM fabric is required at many places where weight bearing capacity is not required in packaging or wrapping.
  • Variety of fabric is available in different size as like 12" to 60" in width. Different width is required for packing different quantities of the product like 5 kg packing of product requires 12 " fabric and 10 kg of packing requires 15" of fabric.
  • We can fulfill customized requirement of fabric as per need of the client with manageable quantity, it will enable our client to give best cost effective solution to their clients.
  • We have heavy strength and durable fabric with us to pack the heavy goods or high density product. UV treated material is also available on demand.
  • We have quality and quantity of fabric which will enable you to take bulk order from your client.

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