"Inception Of Polypropylene"

The introduction of polypropylene polymer brought the massive change in the packaging industry after its inception.

After just three years of research, it became the first choice for the packaging industry and now a multibillion-dollar, world industry. Read the complete story of the emergence of polypropylene.

The invention of polypropylene was accidental, and credit for its invention goes to two scientists, J. Paul Hogan and Robert L. Banks. The researches were engaged by Phillips Petroleum Company to find ways to convert gases into gasoline components.

In the process, both scientists began to study catalyst and how it works. In one of their reaction, they made some changes in their original catalyst and included chromium oxide in it. They were expecting low molecular weight hydrocarbon from it. Then they added propylene with propane carrier through a pipe which was packed by the catalyst. Although they were expecting something else, they got a completely new polymer crystalline, polypropylene. It was a big breakthrough for both of them. From the time, the world got a product that has the multibillion-dollar industry in the present time.

Quality Control

We implement quality control measures from the initial stage to the final stage. A defect being noticed at initial stage will reduce your cost of wastage and make the process smoother. In absence of first stage rejection, if product rejected at final stage it will be a more costly affair. We are committed to maintain high standards and process of quality control to provide defect free product, which results in increasing our client machine production/output together with smooth running of machinery and happy manpower. We highly appreciate the coordination, feedback from our client for their contribution in improvement and standardization of our quality control process and we are really thankful for sharing their precious time with us.


When there is time to earn, you do not have the volume to sale.

Being a procurement hub for B2B, we share and reduce the many hurdles faced by our client. Our client’s buyers want to make sure the availability of goods at required quantities and also see the capability of fulfillment of the sudden or planned hike in the requirement. We are thankful to our clients and their confidence on us. They get orders from their buyer by assuring the availability of quantity on faith of our supply chain. We are always ready to satisfy our client’s buyers queries to enable them to mature the order.

We maintain stocks at our warehouse to fulfill the urgent or ad-hoc requirement of the client. Our warehouse inventory is planned in such a way that our quantities of product synchronize with client’s demand, which reduces the inventory level of client and he can maintain the inventory at an optimized level. Besides, the client is benefitted from the storage cost of inventory. It also makes our client deliver goods faster and manage least inventory without compromising with their loss of orders.


Reliability: Easy word to say and claim.

Everyone knows, in very first time a person easily shows his faith on others, but when he continues to do work with them, he gets the reality of ground. We understand the same and always do hard work to maintain business ethics with the help of our client and team. We are happy to say that we are holding this crown on our head from the last two decades.

Being rewarded by the industry and market, we are more concern about result and impact of our action on our associates. So we develop our process very carefully, honestly and transparently on the higher standard of business ethics. We are thankful again to our clients and vendors who shared their business secret, policies and information with us which they are reluctant to share with other players in the market.


No matter whether a person exists with us, our system is always there to serve you.

We always scan our surrounding environment of the market and internal organization to update about the current changes of market threat and opportunities. Our process has the ability to adapt to the required market changes to sustain in the current competitive market, and we have always achieved a milestone in serving our client at best satisfaction level. We are capable to handle the complexity and scalability by introducing right and desired resources to adopt the updated proven process and on the same time we can replicate these proven process to meet the scalability of our client. To serve our clients we can get endless time by adding more resources as we already have proven process to serve our client at a satisfactory level.

We are self governing company, each process being initiated form enquiry, followed by order, production, quality check, payable, resolution of complain, valuable feedback and at the end implementation of feedback. It helps clients to do work with us hassle free, and independently on a single window. On each stage they will get response as per the designed process, so they need not to spend time on follow up.

We are always open to take feedback & opinions from anyone at any stage to improve and update our process. We are thankful to all our associated clients, vendors and team to make us a successful process driven company.


We increase our presence as our client expands by introducing new resources in our network

Everyday business is facing a new challenge, and to sustain in market, everyone has to expand himself to fulfill the upcoming & new requirement of the client. In our market, everyday hundreds of new customized designs are getting introduced and these customized designs are getting converted into common designs.

We are equipped with a proper system to face these challenges and facilitate our clients to stand in the market to fulfill the customer requirement. It enables our client to scale up and grow his business.

New markets are emerging, existing clients are expanding their presence in new markets, our client’s buyers are also doing the same thing, thereby arising a need to give service at a localized level, and hence establish a localized centre in every state of the country so that you can follow each step of your buyers. It boosts the confidence of your buyer in you. We are always committed to increase your network, with our network.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

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